Monday, 5 October 2015

Train journey's.

Good morning,

We have a couple of train knitters amongst our 'SIBOL' Group and I'm very pleased to be showing you some Sunshine Blankets that Lyn has made for us. She knits the Blankets in strips which I think is a brilliant idea and the Blankets are just so colourful.  Inside the box received were some very colourful Butterflies which are Knitted and she has also enclosed some Ribbon for our Blankets which as you will see really finishes the Blankets off so nicely. Thank you so much for everything
received Lyn.

Lyn travels on the train to various places with her Husband and often has remarks from passengers and railway staff. Why not indeed?

Here  they are.

1138, 1137, 1136, 1135, 1134, 1133, 1132, 1131, 1130 Thanks Lyn 'Our Train Knitter'.

Thank you Lyn

Thank you Lyn.


1138 Paddington


1136 Comet


1137 Fenman

'Clansman 2'

1135 Clansman 2

'Golden Arrow'

1134 Golden Arrow

'Kentish Belle'

1133 Kentish Belle

'Dorset Scot'

1132 Dorset Scot

'Flying Dutchman'

1131 Flying Dutchman

'Eastern Belle'

1130 Eastern Belle

Thanks so much Lyn.

Sally has also been very busy assembling Squares from Irene.  We have a lovely Sunshine Blanket and three Shawls  which have come out so lovely.


1129  Polar Express

Such a treat thank you!

A busy morning thank you all. 

x Sue x

Saturday, 3 October 2015

New Knitted Blankets arriving today!

Good morning and thanks for popping in!

Four very colourful Sunshine Blankets arrived this morning. Sally has been so kind assembling them for me once again. They really are so bright and cheerful and a good size too. It's amazing how Squares look so different when made up - pretty Crocheted borders, Ribbons and  Butterflies.





Sweet Lavender

With many thanks to Irene and Carolyn.

Sally you are a Star!
Thank you so much!

x Sue x 

Thursday, 1 October 2015


Good morning to you!

Such a pretty Sunshine Blanket has arrived this morning and behind every Blanket received there is story.  Today Susan tells me that she sits with her disabled friend at weekends and manages to make Crocheted Squares without too much trouble.  What a lovely story and what a fantastic Blanket! Made in such pretty colour combinations I know it will be loved.

Thank you so much Susan and thank you for the letter too.

1124. Thanks Susan Parker.


I will pass this on as soon as I can.

A beautiful collection of Butterflies flew in too! Thank you!


x Sue x

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

New Blankets arriving today!

rGood afternoon,

I would like to thank Linda for two very pretty Granny Blankets.
This is the simple Granny Square made in plain colours with very pretty borders.
These two Blankets are a great size to snuggle under and I know they  will be giving a
great deal of comfort to two lucky Residents.



Decorated with Roses and Butterflies and tied up with Ribbon
these will make wonderful Gifts.


Thank you so much Linda.

x Sue x 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Sunshine Blankets arriving today!

Good morning,

With thanks to Sally today we have another two beautiful Sunshine Blankets for Residents in Care Homes. They have both been made in gorgeous yarn and in such pretty patterns too.  If you are new to our 'SIBOL' Blog every Sunshine Blanket we have made over the years has been showcased on here. I'm sure you will get plenty of ideas. Blankets can be Knitted or Crocheted and in any colour you like. It's a great way to use that un-wanted yarn and at the same time do something worthwhile for the Elderly.

All of our Blankets are hand-delivered by myself or by one of the other Ladies that help our Group so you can be assured we know where your Blanket has found it's home.  I have to say this is  just for Care Homes in the UK but we are lucky enough to have support from places as far as Singapore too!
Quite a few of our Ladies live in Europe and very often send their work to us. So if you are visiting from abroad you are most welcome to help us.  The nice thing about our 'SIBOL' project is that others
can benefit from our creativity!

Let's take a look at Sally's work today. Thank you so much Sally!

1120 1121 Thanks Sally.



Absoutely gorgeous two lucky Residents will love these.

Any enquiries please contact me

or pop over to

Thank you

x Sue x

Monday, 21 September 2015

Monday's post.

Good afternoon,

My postie has been very busy today - three beautiful Sunshine Blankets arriving for Residents in Care Homes. 

The first one arrived from juliesgems3 over on RAVELRY.   Here's the LINK to her page.

This Crocheted Blanket is so pretty. I've added a Butterfly too which we do on all of our Blankets.  If you'd like to have a go yourself they are very easy to do. Nettie's Blog in Australia has a great video tutorial. Here's the LINK. We are always in need of Butterflies so please feel free to make some. Decorated with Ribbon and a Butterfly this Blanket is going to be a wonderful Gift. Thank you very much juliesgems3.

1117 -'Granny Square Lap Blanket -  Thanks Julie C.


The centre really stands out and I love the variegated yarn used too.  What a treat thank you!

Next we have two Sunshine Blankets arriving from Linda. Linda has made the Sunshine Blankets in two shades of Lilac and I love the roses and frilly edging. It must be the day for Lilac! Both are great sizes for someone's lap thank you so much.

1119 - 1118 Thanks Linda - I love the colours in these two Sunshine Blankets.

1119 - Cute Roses Linda!

1118 - Thanks Linda - such a pretty Sunshine Blanket.

I would also like to thank everyone who has contacted me after seeing the small article in 'Yours' magazine.  I've had a lot of enquiries and I'm pleased you'd like to support us.

If you'd like to visit 

SIBOL CHALLENGES it gives you information about our work.
Here's the LINK

I'd like to say my address is available by email only.

We also have a SIBOL Group over on RAVELRY.
Here's the LINK.
You are most welcome to join our chats anytime.
So why not introduce yourself? (Optional).

It's so nice to have new enquiries so thank you. 

Thanks once again Linda and juliesgems3 I am very grateful to you both.

x Sue x 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Delivery Day to Belvoir Care Home.

Good evening,

A busy couple of  days for me visiting 'Bramley Grove Care Home', and also for 'BigBlue' Lisa over on RAVELRY for visiting a home near to her called Belvoir Care Home in Rochdale.

My post is underneath this one so please scroll down.

I asked Lisa if she would write a couple of paragraphs about her visit. This is the first time she has invited Ladies to send her Squares on behalf of 'SIBOL' and as I have found out over the years Ladies in the Crafting Community are terribly kind and it wasn't too long before she had enough to start assembling Blankets together. Not only did she assemble  Squares into Blankets she also had donations of finished Blankets which really helped her.

I am now going to let you read what she sent me.

Belvoir Care Home

"It's taken me  a few months but finally I finished off the Sunshine blankets this week.  My friend Dorothy helped with putting ribbons and butterflies on all the blankets and made a lot of butterflies for me.
Today we took 20  Sunshine blankets and 19 shawls to a home quite near to me in Rochdale called Belvoir Care Home. The manager Amanda Richardson was really friendly and welcoming, and very interested in hearing about how the blankets were made by many people around the world. She was amazed at how much work went into them by so many people. The residents were interested in them too and one lady called Gladys was very keen to have her picture taken with Amanda and the blankets.  They will be a big talking point for quite a while. 
With many thanks to Amanda for accepting them.  

They enquired about sharing them with their sister home, so they will be the next on the list."

This is great thanks Lisa. I'm so pleased the visit went well.

Now we have some photos which Lisa  sent over to me. I would like you to see them.

That was really lovely of Gladys to allow you a photo Lisa and what gorgeous Sunshine Blankets too! They are absolutely beautiful and  decorated perfectly.

Thanks to everyone for helping and to Belvoir for accepting them.

'SIBOL' is a place where we can be creative and at the same time doing something worthwhile for others too. As you can see from today's posts many Elderly Residents are benefiting from our work and I am so pleased that our  Sunshine Blankets are getting to people in other parts of the country.

Thanks so much.

x Sue x